Our Service is geared towards supporting IFAs and small Financial Adviser businesses that utilise the True Potential operating system either directly or via a Network such as Positive Solutions, Truly Independent or TPPCS. We individually tailor support services to offer both pre and post sale support services including:

Pre Sale Support

  • Technical Research
  • Produce & Market Comparison Research
  • Fund & Sector comparisons
  • Transfer & Provider Sourcing Facilities
  • Produce research and justification
  • Analysis of clients' circumstances
  • Product comparison checklists
  • Review of alternative options and strategies

Post Sale Support

  • Factfind Reconciliation
  • Suitability Letters
  • Submission Packaging
  • Compliance Support
  • Post Sale Review
  • Recommendation Justification

This is not an exhaustive list, and we would be prepared to address any additional functions which may add value to your business.


Mortgage & Protection


Retirement Planning


Savings & Investments