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A Paraplanner sits between the Adviser, Compliance, the Administrator and the Client. The Paraplanner is the person who holds the whole financial planning process together to fully assist the Financial Adviser. They provide the link between all the different component parts at the time when there are many things happening. They will know the importance of prioritising work, will be able to organise effectively, will be accurate and thorough and have a good understanding of the business they are working in, while being technically competent and having high numeracy and literacy skills.

A good paraplanner is likely to have many other skills apart from these and will be the person who ensures that the financial planning undertaken is the very best it can be for the clients. They will also ensure that all work is completed in a professional and compliant manner.

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Outsourcing is the key to enabling IFA practices to remain profitable in the current climate of lower commissions and greater regulatory controls.

Paraplanning Select provides a unique service designed to support the functional aspects of an IFA’s business in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Paraplanning support provides full packaging of pre-sale research and post-sale report writing facilities. However, we provide an additional option which expands on these basic functions enabling us to provide an individually tailored package.

Our services enable the Financial Adviser to reduce time consuming tasks, freeing up time for client servicing and other business-related tasks.

  • Technical & qualified support in different product fields
  • Administrative support
  • Cost effective out-sourced solution
  • Hassle free and reliable service
  • Allows advisers to concentrate on developing their long term business strategies
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